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About Us

Inborn Talent was established under the concept of research and development from Dermatoglyphic theory using latest technology.  Using dermatoglyphic analysis, we can discover the inner intelligence of each child and use the best ways to learn something. Dermatoglyphics is been used in the field of Psychology and Anthropology for the constant development of accurate results. Dermatoglyphic analysis works as a reference for appropriate suggestion of advantage development. Moreover, our professional consultants also provide advices and suggestions will also be given to help solving problem in both short and long term.


Dermatoglyphic analysis is the blend of advanced computer technology and science by scanning and comparing the fingerprint patterns, so that we can find out inborn advantages and give suggestions as per each person’s own individuality with no bias. Moreover, one’s fingerprints never change whole life so it is completely different concept from fortune tellers, who tell future from looking at palms.  Our dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence test provides a detailed report no what are the skills that an individual possess, to what extent and what can be the benefits of the said set of skills.



Advantages of Dermatoglyphic Analysis:

  • Understand your child’s innate characteristics
  • Know your child’s inherent learning style or ability
  • Discover your hild’s hidden talent & potential




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