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Benefits of Identifying Multiple Intelligences

From the age of 0-3 years, the emotional bend of the child starts to grow rapidly. If you know the potential of a child at an early age, it helps in making smart and easy decisions on parenting styles and educational techniques. This also helps in removing the need of ‘trial and error ‘situations by recognizing and nurturing child’s talents. As an infant enters into toddlerhood, he learns new things which help him to expand his horizons. If he can move around freely, he becomes an active explorer. He starts observing thing around from various outlooks and achieves a relatively new kind of sense for himself in the world. His cognitive skills are developed by a lot more. The child starts using language to make his need and reactions known to adults and other children in new ways. Along, with language comes imagination and curiousness to engage in play whether the child is at home or watching a game on television. Though, there is no fixed time table for gaining abilities or tacking with difficulties as every child is unique and their talents also differ.


There is no fixed timetable for gaining abilities or tackling with different challenges as every child is different and their talents also differ.  Each child grows and learns to adjust with the work by taking his own time. Inherent characteristics such as mood, adaptability and stability affects a child’s growth a lot and they learn to control their emotional responses. ?It might happen that some children are curios, some are cautious and some are scared in some situations.

Child’s mood styles are depicted in their approach to new situations. When parents become used to their child’s temperament, they can provide a sense of base to them for their bright future. This is the way Howard Gardner discovered that multiple intelligence is interconnected to specific regions in the neocortex.


Some of the important benefits of identifying multiple intelligence:


Self-assessment and Reflection for teaching

  • Cooperative strategies help individuals identify and develop special aptitudes
  • Classroom becomes like a real world
  • Discipline can improve as pupils engage more with classroom work
  • Scope for more entertaining and varied teaching
  • Individuals can recognize what they can achieve, even if they lack certain types of intelligence
  • Skills developed can  be useful in later life


Self-assessment and Reflection

  • Pupils can have a different profile for themselves
  • Teachers then can reflect how this profile will influence teaching
  • Teachers can use a test to provide a profile of their own intelligences
  • Teacher can make use of pupil profiles to study teaching strategies


Curriculum and Assessment

  • Strategies can be used to convey curriculum content
  • Such strategies that help children in involving to classroom organization, presentation of materials

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