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Dermatoglyphics is basically the study of the patterns on fingers and hands. These patterns are unique and are related to one’s hereditary information and are closely linked to the nervous system. In simple words, Dermatoglyphics can reveal our genetic qualities and talents.  Dermatoglyphics is well analyzed and verified with facts in genetics, medicine, anthropology and statistics. Dermatoglyphics was invented in 1926 by Dr. Harold Cummins, who is known as a father of Dermatoglyphics, even though concept of fingerprint identification is been in use for several years.  Harold covered each and every stage of fingerprint analysis from genetics to anthropology, to the study of malformed hands to embryology. Patterns/graphs/ designs are formed on the palms of our hands and sole prints. The ridges are formed in the 13th week of pregnancy and complete development by the end of the 21st week, and then remain unchanging. Many medical doctors and scientists have utilized the researches from, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Anthropology together to observe, analyze and validate the accuracy and result of Dermatoglyphic analysis. Dermatoglyphics analysis is basically the combination of advanced technology and science, by scanning and comparing the fingerprint patterns to find out our inborn advantages and to help people find out their weaknesses and work upon them. The current state of Dermatoglyphics is that it can also be used for conducting diagnosis of various illnesses.



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