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Q. What is Dermatoglyphics?  

A. Dermatoglyphics are present in the human fingers, palms, toes, and feet rose on the lines. The current condition dermatoglyphics is that that it is also used in the diagnosis of many illnesses and many dermatoglyphic researchers also claim a very high degree of accuracy in their prognostic ability from the hand’s features.


Q. Is Dermatoglyphics testing scientific or Medical basic?  

A. Both. Dermatoglyphics is based on many scientists; like genetics, embryology, "Dermatoglyphics" brain science and other science-based. With the constant use of surveillance, recording, contrast, inductive learning methods, combined with clinical experience, we can accurately analyze the child's multiple intelligences and potential personality.


Q. Is Dermatoglyphics testing Palm Reading or Palmistry?  

A. No, it is based on the most sophisticated scientific and medical research as a root. Apart from this, Dermatoglyphics testing refers to the growth in human hands, protruding ridges on the soles of the feet, remain whole life; and palm readers are besieged at handheld staff buried lines which keep changing over a period of time.


Q. What specific help can be given?  

A. Through the Dermatoglyphics, we are able to find out:

  • Why are the children not interested in their learning?

  • Why are the children so active, so stubborn, or why can they concentrate or sit still?

  • Find out the most appropriate way of teaching and communication

  • Why are the children always opposing to your

  • The learning barrier because from the inappropriate stimulation and teaching


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