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Multiple intelligences theory was discovered by Dr. Howard Gardner as a model of intelligence that set apart intelligence into varied modalities, rather than seeing it as subjugated by a single general ability. Intelligence includes many abilities for reasoning, problem solving, learning, planning, understanding and abstract thoughts.



  • Intelligence (IQ)

    Intelligence quotient is the intelligence of a person. It is that ability of a person which helps him/her to think abstractly, and makes you adjust to the environment. Intelligence activity includes grasping the basics in a given situation. Intelligence quotient helps a person to gain knowledge and apply it to solve problems. It is an important aspect of one’s happiness and comfort.

  • Emotional (EQ)

    Emotional quotient enables us in becoming known about our feelings and of others. It helps a person in knowing himself/herself, intentions, behaviour, responses and your goals. This quotient provides compassion, inspiration, gentleness and capability to react expertly to pleasure and pain by understating your own feelings and feelings of others and to act accordingly. Though, there has been much fuss surrounding the genuineness of a definition of emotional quotient because there is no such standard son which it can be measured.

  • Creativity (CQ)        

    Each of us have a creativity quotient and we just need to develop it further. It may happen that we might believe that creativity is just because of talent. A strong urge and a methodical way can motivate an individual a lot and take him/her to further heights. Creativity as a measure is about imagining things which you have never done or heard about, something new and fresh. Creativity is the ability or the skill to create new ideas and bring them into reality.  The whole process involves thinking and then making it real.

  • Adversity (AQ)

    Adversity quotient determines how a person reacts to adversity. This quotient identifies how well you can endure adversity and your ability to overcome it and also predicts who will win and who will give up. It’s actually a person capability to succeed at the time of adversity to help overcome the hard times. According to adversity quotient theory, each one of us can train ourselves in the face of constant change, and respond properly to emergency, rejection and breakdown.

  • Spiritual (SQ)

    This intelligence is used to answer the problems of meaning and value and it basically depends on the growth of a human being. It explains about moving on in life with a direction in mind.  Howard Gardner, who discovered the multiple intelligences theory, found it a bit intimidating task due to the codifying quantifiable scientific criteria. It is thinking of us as an phrase of a higher reality.

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