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Learning Mode

Learning modes and styles are actually approaches or the ways of learning. Learning modes include educating methods, for a person so that he/she can learn the best out of it. Though, it is believed that most of the people support any specific way of interacting with, taking in and giving out information.


  • Visual

    Visual learners are the ones who appreciate graphics are devoted observers. They have a visual and a curious eye for everything around them. A kind of aesthetic sense keeps them from apart from others and can understand pictures well. They observe things like object, speed and distance. They are mostly interested into Jewellery authentication, literature, life science, medical personnel, photography, film making and advertisement designing.

  • Auditory

    Auditory learners recognize sound and have proper language understanding. They have good reading ability and are also good listeners. They value music and have an emotional reaction to sound & music.  Language understanding, hearing ability and vocal recognition are some of the main characteristics of auditory learners. They choose fields like mass communication, speech & drama and language (translation & interpretation), sociology, psychology and customer service (telephone).

  • Kinaesthetic

    Kinaesthetic learners appreciate artistic things and have a sense of touch. They learn best by touching, doing and making.  Kinaesthetic learns to concentrate and learn best when movement is involved and have physical recognition and comprehension of the operation. They like to go for outdoor activities, have the coordination and rhythmic movement and feeling of body in space. They opt for fields like sports, entertainment, art, dance, designer, music, science and leisure & tourism.




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