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Learning style

Learning styles are ways of learning. It includes educational methods to help an individual to learn the best. Most of the people prefer a known method of interaction with people or for passing out information. Thus, based on this concept only, idea of individual learning instigated in the 1970s and achieved huge popularity. It is been advised that teachers should study the learning styles of their students get used to their classroom methods to adapt each


  • Motive

    Motive learners are the ones who prefer to act on new information with a motive or a goal. They learn new information by trying something combined with a motive or a goal. They learn things by either discussing or applying or explaining it to others. Motive learners have a clear vision and set their own targets.  They are most likely to work in a group more than reflective learner and would always look for meaningful resources, and also have a good goal management. They need to be cautious about jumping into things without thinking about them properly. If they have a clear objective in mind, they can learn properly from kinaesthetic, visual and audio channels.

  • Reflective

    A reflective learner understands things meticulously, works like a sponge and applies things sensibly with constant practice. They are most likely to learn well in situations that help them to follow a set of path. They prefer someone who can teach them and remind them. Good planners, logical thinkers and have a better imagination. If they have a strong penchant towards reflective learning, they should instead of spending a lot of time on thinking and planning actually get it done.








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