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Learning Type

Learning types are basically the ways by which an individual learns to process, absorb, focus, and hold on to innovative and complex information. Learning types are indeed one of the main tools through which we develop our knowledge. Each of us learns in our own personal way, which is genetic, without knowing our choices, we can’t learn efficiently and properly.

  • Cognitive

    Cognitive learners are the ones who are strongly objective and have their own opinions always. They are stimulated to learn or work with something that they are interested in. Are always goal oriented and has high self expectations and will power. Cognitive learners do not easily agree with the theory unless they are given a reasonable explanations and evidences. Curious and love to know about their work or study and like to receive instructions through communication and initiate to learn and take work seriously.

  • Imitative

    Imitative learners learn everything even if it is good or bad and tend to get easily affected and influenced by what people would say. They are peace loving and like to stay in harmony with everyone. Imitative learners value the process of learning and working and are good at imitating. When they learn something new, they would keep on asking questions about it and keep practicing again and again. It is like if they live in a more familiar or known environment, the better they perform. It is easy for them to become specialists in the field, if they start at an early age.

  • Reverse

    Reverse thinkers are actually the ones who think in a reverse manner or in a conventional way (e.g. When they read a book, they check the end first and then think about the plot first without even reading it). Driven by interest, they like to ask questions and giving answers. Reverse thinkers have a different style of thinking and are often mistaken as weird or rebellious people.? They should be respected in their thinking attributes and motivated to use reverse thinking in creative analysis, creative art, research or invention.

  • Open

    These are learners who are like a sponge, open to anything and absorb whatever is being taught. They are unaware about things, which they haven’t seen or heard about. They are tolerant and mouldable with varied personalities. They can be successful if they receive good and quality education. They can learn new things and new concepts and become an integrated expert with varying specialties. Constant support is their key to success.


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