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Multiple Intelligence – Dr. Howard Gardener


What is Multiple Intelligence – Dr. Howard Gardener

Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner’s was published for the first time in the book called “ Frames of Mind”, which quickly became a model to learn and teach varied aspects of human intelligence in education and history.  Howard Gardner had developed his own concept and theory of multiple intelligence as a contribution to psychology; though his theory was soon welcomed by almost all academic and training communities – a complete indication that Gardner had created a standard learning model. Howard Gardner was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania USA in 1943 and entered Harvard University in 1961. He was a psychologist and professor of education at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. With the help of his deep research on ‘everyday’ people, he developed the theory of multiple intelligences that has nine unique and different intelligences.  As per Gardner, everyone have all the intelligences but in changing amounts, such that each one of has different make-up. These intelligences are based in varied areas of the brain and can either work separately or together, can be nurtured upon, or avoided and weakened.


According to Gardner, Multiple intelligences are just limited to originally seven; further he had developed two more after conducting thorough research. Gardner states that there are inherent and cultural bases for multiple intelligences. Researches in neurobiological science that are currently happening indicates that learning happens when modification happens when changes starts to happen in the synaptic connections between cells.  When you will read about each intelligence, think about what are your preferences, skills and abilities and find out if any particular intelligence that might apply to you. It is quite possible that your aptitude and “multiple intelligences” can be quite different from your preference as it describes what you are really interested in, rather how you carry yourself and helps you in making yourself what you really want from your life and career.  We are happy and successful the most when we learn grow and work in ways that we enjoy and make the best use of our natural potential. Multiple Intelligences helps you to lay emphasis on various types of learning and works that can be most fulfilling and satisfying for you.



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