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multiple intelligences

The theory of Multiple Intelligence was proposed by Prof Howard Gardner of Harvard University in 1983 in his book called “Frames of Mind” to define the concept of intelligence. Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory was tells that intelligence can appear in various forms. MI theory widens traditional norms of the gifted child by defining various types of intelligence of which a child may stand out as linguistic, musical, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, bodily/kinaesthetic, intrapersonal and interpersonal. ?Fingerprint patterns and human brain development is in synchronization, between the 13th and 19th prental week. Dr. Howard Gardner also revealed the fact that multiple intelligences are connected to specific regions in the neocortex. This helps dermatoglyphics to identify the visibility and magnitudes of these multiple intelligences at early stages of childhood. If children have useful information, they will be able to recognize and improve their intelligence.


Multiple Intelligence theory is basically a pluralized way of understanding the intelligence. Recent advancement in neuroscience, cognitive science and developmental psychology propose that each person’s level of intellect is made up of autonomous faculties that can work independently or in team with other faculties. Howard Gardner recognized seven such faculties, which he characterized as "intelligences":




Each of these multiple intelligences is briefly described below:

  • Bodily Kinaesthetic Intelligence - using the body, physical quickness and balance
  • Linguistic Intelligence - reading and clarification of ideas and information via verbal communication, spoken and written continuation
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence - self-awareness, moods and feelings of others, personal independence
  • Existential Intelligence - self-awareness, introspection, instinct, logical reasoning & investigative ability, 3D imaginations, visual recollection, admiration, visual inspection
  • Naturalist Intelligence - Loves natural beauty, creation
  • Interpersonal Intelligence - ability to relate with others and understanding
  • Musical Intelligence - musical ability to hear tones, rhythms and musical patterns, appreciation and use of sound people’s feelings and emotions
  • Logical - ability to see relationships between objects, logical ability, perform mathematical calculations
  • Spatial Intelligence - Pictorial imagination, expression, understands association between images and object


Appeal of Multiple Intelligences to Educators

Howard Gardner theory of multiple intelligences has gained a striking response from many educators all across the globe. Multiple intelligences have been welcomed by many educational theorists and, also applied by teachers to the problems of schooling. In fact, many schools from our country are now structuring the prospectus as per the intelligences, and design classroom that display the Howard Gardner understanding. This theory can also be found within pre-school, higher, vocational and adult learning initiatives.


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