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Uses of Dermatoglyphics

By making use of dermatoglyphics, we can find out our hidden potential and abilities. We can also find out our inborn advantages and provide suggestions as everyone’s own characteristics with no prejudice. With the help of dermatoglyphy, we can actually understand the distribution and number of cells in the left and right brain, and calculate where exactly the potential lies. Dermatoglyphics is also used in anthropology. Population studies reveal unique differences as per the type and sub-type and are also used to ascertain the origin of many groups. Print comparisons are also used to set up an individual classification in forensic cases.


Dermotoglyphics analysis may help:


1. In terms of personal growth
  • Strengthen communication and interaction skills
  • One’s gifted key area(s)
  • Improves Career, Bride & Groom/Spouse/Friend/Family Members/ Business Partners Competency & Compatibility
  • Competency & Compatibility
  • Inborn MI & Present MI Ranking & Process Chart
  • Left & Right Brain Hemisphere Configuration & Characteristic (Balanced / Right or Left Brain Oriented)
  • Brain Lobes Configuration
  • Comparison & Distribution Of MI (Left & Right Brain)
  • Enhance the sense of the value of life and happiness
  • Multiple Intelligence Chart
  • Know how to appreciate people
  • MI-Related Questions
  • Your Personality Type
  • Learning Type / Mode / Style
  • MI-Related Talents
  • MI-Related Childhood Actions
  • MI-Related Adulthood Actions
  • Genes-Related Parent (Father or Mother) Orientatio


2. In terms of education and career:

  • Target at talents
  • Define the most appropriate way of teaching and learning
  • Improves General & Special Subject Preferences
  • Parent-child communication and education
  • Select a major that best fit one’s desired career path


3. For Corporate:

  • Top Management / Quality / Assurance / Manufacturing / Legal / Commercial / Purchase
  • Explore the potential of an employee
  • Administration / Finance / Auditing / Marketing & planning / Research & Development
  • Sales / Customer Care / Advertising / Training
  • Recruitment
  • Human Resources / Logistic / Personnel / Hospitality
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